About Us

About House of Hawk

Our Mission

House of Hawk’s mission is to create; change and hopefully a spark and help the next Artist, Musician, Music Company, Brand or Record Label to thrive and achieve success.

Understanding the business side of Music along with the hard work, dedication and research is core to an artist, company and brand. Education is a must to all of us that are students of music, we never stop learning and through are music we become teachers. House of Hawk is an advocate for music and artists education. We built this site with the entire music industry and you in mind. Our website supports all genres of music, students and teachers of music.

Our Vision

House of Hawk will be a catalyst to ensure that every Artist, Musician, Music Company, Brand or Record Label across America has access and opportunity to participate in active music-making in his or her music environment. We will use our resources to provide programs and information that recognize and support your music needs for all Artists and Musicians. We are here to promote the achievable success for all. We offer music education, professional development and deliver tools and resources to participants and their communities. We will always try to assist you in supporting music education by promoting awareness of music’s impact on other Artists and Musicians growth performances and achievements.

Our Core Values

You can rest ashore House of Hawk will always be committed to creating a positively life-changing experiences for everyone within and outside are community. Our basic strategic plan is to pay homage to music by way of this website and honor those core values of the music industry as well as our own:

People – We are only as good as our people and the people we inspire to shine. We embrace loyalty and will recognize and reward talented, performing, and committed people by shining a spotlight on you within our website and the world. We are committed to the growth of the people and teams that serves House of Hawk, as well as those we serve.

Passion – Artists, Company owner, Label owner or Brand owner wants to be inspired by something they can believe in, something that confers meaning in their lives and in their work. We are fueled by our passion for the music industry to grow; we are committed in our drive for achieving excellence.

Innovation – Music technology was born out of innovation, and House of Hawk will all way operates with an entrepreneurial spirit. We have drive and creativity values, along with our tenacity for innovation and exploration for any and all new cutting-edge music developments and forward thinking techniques in the music industry and beyond.

Integrity – We are committed to a high standard of integrity, a strong ethical framework,
and a deep and abiding sense of respect for Music, Artists, Music Companies, Brands and /or Record Labels and others with whom we interact. We keep our promises and we deliver on what is promised. We are fair in all our actions and are committed to open and honest communication.

Diversity – At House of Hawk, fairness and equality is afforded to everyone regardless of his or her unique place in the diversity spectrum to broaden our cultural experience.

Leadership – House of Hawk leads through example and action; globally, locally and independently. When a company and brand has a positive culture, employees are more motivated and confident in their work. It’s through supportive leaders that a company and brand finds the most success and leaders are responsible for setting the tone for their team and organization.

We are always committed to serving artist for the greater good of the music society. We believe leaders do not exist to order their workers around. While they oversee their team, a true leader trusts their employees to perform efficiently and independently.

As the owner and leader of your music, it is your responsibility to establish goals, innovate and motivate the people you employ. An artist that is compassionate and a passionate leader can and will build a powerful company and brand.